Become a Meta Realtor Get a 10% Commission in On every referred Land Sales

  • 500
  • Meta-Realtor NFT spots

Biggest Oppourtunity

Meta-Realtor Programme

Meta-Realtor Programme Thanks to our meta realtor program, you now have the opportunity to become a LOL Meta-estate agent. This one-of-a-kind opportunity will earn you a 10% commission in for every land sale you refer. Register your details to earn a Meta-Realtor NFT for Free! Only 500 NFTs are available in our Meta Realtor program. The NFT will also get you access to an office space in the LOL metaverse, also you can further sell your Meta Realtor NFT on secondary marketplaces like

Earn Commission

Get a 10% commission in on every referred Land sale.

Office in Metaverse

Get personal office space in LOL metaverse. .

Re-sell for Profit

Meta Realtor NFT can also be sold on secondary marketplaces like